Add/ edit revenue and expenditure categories

Revenue and expenditure categories help the hotel to sort revenues/expenditures when creating a collection and showing list separately on the report.

Note: Only the owner or the manager can do this

1. Adding new revenue/expenditure

1 step: select > select Configuration> select cashiering

 2 step: select Cashiering> Select in come/out come > click Add

3 step: fill name of group > Save

  • If there are smaller categories in these groups, hotels Select the group to add a small catalogue > Select Add a Catalogue > Enter a category name > Enter the Code > Enter a note (if available) > save

(The hotel can create any code written without markers, not to create duplicate code)

2. Editing revenue/expenditure

  • To edit name of a group in the categories, click group to edit > Edit > Save
  • To stop using a group, the hotel select > select stop using, To delete group: select delete group> OK

To restore the retired group, select > select to continue using > select Ok

  • To edit a category name, click on a Category to edit > name > Save
  • To stop using/ delete category > select a category to edit > click  to stop using, click  to delete > OK




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