Cancel booking which checked out (undo check-out)

Undo check out help to delete the booking with checked in and checked out.

Note: this only apply on manager or the owner account, . When ”undo check out” the length of stay will last till the undo check out happen.

1st method: Undo check out from timeline chart

  • 1st step: Undo check out (the room will be back to  check in status): click on the room which need to be canceled  > Undo check out > Enter the reason > update.

  • 2nd step: Undo check in and cancel: click on the room  > undo check in > enter the reason > update. for more information: Click xem chi tiết


2nd method: Cancel checked out room from room detail

  •  1st step: Undo check out : open room detail > Select Undo check out > enter the reason > update

2nd step: Undo check  in and cancel: select Undo check in > Enter the reason > Update. for more detail: Click xem chi tiết

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