Create a guest registration

Using to the printer and for guests sign to confirm when check-in

Settings guide

Note: Only the owner or the manager account can do this

1 step: Select > select Configuration> Select Printers & Prun templates

2 step: Select Receipt settings > select Language > Copy template

Note: You can copy available templates or manually set up on word & Excel then copy to template on the software

3 step: Copy Template > Select 1 template > Click to Choose

4 step: After selected a template, you should to edit the name, address, Logo, services, regulations… follow as the hotel information > Save to finish

Note: The parameter is the information that the system will retrieve data from the booking information and display it on the guest’s registration

  • If you want to add more information and get data from the parameter, you fill that information > Click to add parameters > Select the parameter.

Modify the hotel logo

> Click to logo of ezCloud

Paste the URL link to the hotel logo image > Edit width, length > select Ok

Note: The URL link is the same as png, jpg, svg…If you don’t yet know the logo URL link, you can be on google to find the keyword: “get an online image URL link” for reference.

Guest Registration Guide

To room detail > select > select Yes to show room rate, No to hide room rate


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