Create cash receipts (other receipts)

Creating a cash receipt support the hotel to statistic cash revenue and expenditures which not in the revenue/expend of the receptionist and sale manager, manage to avoid loose.

1. Create cash receipt

 1 step : Cashiering  > Cash transaction > create receipt  > select to create the new one

 2 step:select name of guess > Date to collect  > staff > select list at content add content > fill  description > select  currency  -> fill amount of money > save


note: for guess information, only choose available  Company

Debt receipt

Creating debt receipt help to pay the debt which be paid by guess by cash

 1 step same to cash receipt

 2 step:select day of receive >Select Debt receipt > Invoice Search

 3 step: at Comapany information > Select Company Search > Tíck Chọose invoice before pays > Tíck number of debt receipt need to be paid > Check  Number of pay > Click Pay

Note: If they only pay a part of debt, do not tick at Chọose invoice before pays

Double check

 4 step: Chọose description  > Fill reason > staff >  Tab detail >Fill description > Save

2. Creating Cash payment

1 step:  log in Cashiering> Select Cash transactions > click  to create

 2 step: same as debt receipt





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