Create non cash recipe

Create non cash receipt support the hotel to statistic other revenue which receive form banking transfer or credit card that not in front office or sale management revenue and expenditure   to avoid loosing.

1. Voucher

1.1. create voucher

 1: Click Cashiering  > Non cash transaction  > Create voucher  > Click  to create  a voucher

2: at create voucher interface, click searching customer> click Searching customer > Day of receive> staff> select and fill the decription > select bank account > description > currency > amount of money > save 


  • guide to create new expenditure and revenue : click
  • guide to create company :
  • guide to create bank account : Click 

note: we only can fill available customer which already create

1.2. create debt receipt

  • Creating debt receipt help to pay the debt which be paid by guess by bank transfer or credit card.

1st step ís similar to create voucher

 2nd step : select  day of receive > select Debt receipt > invoice search

3rd: At company information > select company > search> tick Choose invoice before pays> tick  the receipt voucher number> double check> pay

Note: do not tick Choose invoice before pays is the customer only pay a part

  • Double check a gain

 4: Select  Fund receipt > fill description > select bank account > staff>select details > fill description > save

2. Create voucher of expenditure

 1: log in  Cashiering  > select  non cash transactions  > click at symbol  to create

 2: Fill all information in deposit payment order











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