Group check out

1. Check out all room of 1 group

Open room detail > Click all > check out > Payment and check out

2. Check out 1 or some rooms in a group

Apply on the group with 1 or some room check out and some still stay.

Open room detail > click room with need to check out > check out

There are 2 type of this payment


  • 1st: If all payment make on 1 room( normally on team manager room), all of other check out room Click check out only. All payment will transfer to the last room with require to pay for all room

  • 2nd: Make individual payment

Select payment tab > Click symbol ‘+’ > fill type and amount of money > and check out

3. In case of late check out.

For example booking make till 12h00 on 01/03/2020, but guess check out at 16h00 on 01/03/2020


  • 1: If the hotel does not want to apply surchage, kindly use apply check out in the past

For more detail Xem chi tiết

  • 2: If the surcharge is apply: The hotel need to make extend length of stay till now( normally make extra 5 minute to have time to manipulate)

For more detail : Xem chi tiết



4. Check out soon

For ex: Booking is from 01/03 to 05/03/2020, however on 04/03 this group check out. We need to change check out date from 05/03 to 04/03 to make the right payment and then make check out.

For more detail

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Note: If you would like to make full payment, after modifying time , you can post open service for the date which have not stay yet to have full payment . If you only want to make payment for real length of stay, you do not need to add post.


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