Market managerment

 Source help hotel to declare more source of reservation

1. Add new the market

There are 2 ways to add new markets

1st method: Add new the market in the room details

1 step: Room detail >  select on the right select Market

2 step: At the additional market, market codes, market names are required to fill in the information, you can be filled or not. When completing the market information, click Save to complete

Note: Markets codes used to distinguish sources from each other, the hotel can create their owner code of the market. The market code is an unsigned number or script. Market codes are not identical.


2nd method: add new the market in the configuration

Note: Only the owner or the manager account can do this

1 step: Select > select Configuration > select booking source

2 step: select Market > add market > fill market infomation  > Save

2. Edit the market information

  • To edit the market information, you are on the Market in the configuration > select the market to edit> Edit> Save (The same as creating new source)
  • To stop using/delete market > select the market stop using/delete > select to stop, select to delete


  • Only the owner or the manager account can do this.
  • The generated market code can not be edited
  • Markets that are related to the reservation couldn’t delete, can only be stopped.




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