Modify customer information

Changing customer’s information will support the hotel to update and save all the latest information…

This guide will apply on booked and check- in rooms, ezCloud will show the hotel how to modify customer’s information

The manipulation on booked is same to checked -in rooms

Note: its not require to fill these information

  • you will need to modify in room’s detail > choose customer name

  • A pop-up customer information will appear, you can change below information:

+ Number of adult, children: if the number of customer is higher than the number which we set up, a surcharge will be apply

+ Name of customer, sex, phone number, Email, Address, Notes: can be by directly enter in free cells( choose icon male/female to discern sex). these information will be saved in Customer management to support find information later

+ Nationality: When you entered and choose nationality, its flag will appear beside customer name


+ Add customer: choose Add Guest and fill necessary information. this will help to support statistic all information in breakfast report

  • Remember to Save after customize information









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