Overnight rate configuration

Help hotel configure rates to charge guests ath night, guests checking in at night will have other rates

Note: Only the owner, the manger account can do this

To the rate configuration

Select the 3-tile icon > select configuration>select Room & Price > select Price


Editing operations

  • Seclect in that room > seclect default price policy > click night price

Note: Time at the night will be taken according to the time configuration (eg: 21:00 the next night before 09:00 following morning)

  • Full night rate configuration: Fill the amount of night in the night rate then save

  • Early check-in/ late night check-out configuration: Payment for guests outside the night frame but want to be charged in the frame time. (Eg: an early check in: 21:00 & a late check-out: 9:00 the next day)

Click ” + ” to add an early check-in or late check-out then fill the corresponding hour the rate > save

  • Auto calculation of function date rate: When guests at any frame that satisfies the choice, the software will miss the time and automatically calculate the costs of the night.

The checking-in/out time automatic must be on the night frame

Eg: The hotel wants the guest check-in at 01:00 am or check out at 03:00 will automatically be a full-night rate as the following:

After finishing the data, you choose to save to finish. You can re-check the configuration by choosing Check. Fill the date and time to see if the rate is configured.






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