Room assignment/ cancellation

Some bookings when creating, the receptionist forgotten choose the room of number or do not choose on the diagram will be not showing these bookings. The hotel performs room assignment operations.

Some cases have been assigned room but to due the reason change, the hotel can unassign rooms.

Note: What is an unassign room? The booked is unassign rooms for a typical room but not arranged in the room number in that type of room. Eg: The receptionist booking 2 rooms the Deluxe for 3 nights but not arrange in the room number of this Deluxe types., (eg: 101, 102)

Room assignment operation

The room diagram screen from time to time.

At the timeline diagram the unassigned bookings have the red number next to the date on the room diagram or the number corresponding to the room type

This number indicates the amount of unassign rooms

Room assignment operation

  • The hotel click to the red number > The software will be appearing the list unassign room > select the symbol at the end booking > select assignment

  • Select room number > Save to complete

 Unassign room

At the timeline diagram screen > The hotel click directly in booking > select ” Unassign room”

The software show the pop-up confirmtion > Select unassign to finish










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