Room types (category) management

Note: Only the owner or the manager account can do this

Các bước thao tác: Following these steps:

To the configuration

Select the 3-tile icon  > select configuration>select Room & Price > select Room/Bed

Rooms type management operations

1. Adding rooms type

Select add type > fill the room code (to show on a timeline), name of room type, amount of member (adults/child default)> Save

2. Editing rooms type

Select in that room> select  to edit

It possible to edit the room type code, name of room type, amount of an adults, child default > Save

3. Stopping rooms type

Only done when that room type without any rooms, disconnect to CMS, BE, OneInventory

Select in that room > select   > select OK


4. Arranging rooms type

Select in that room > Click a room to select






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