Search a booking on booking engine

Help you to find 1 or more booking from OTAs, ezBooking, One Inventory

There are 2 method to search.

1. Search by List of reservation

  • To find booking from any channel manager Click (Channel manager/Booking Engine/OneInventory) > select reservation list

Fill below information to search.

1. Booking ID : ID booking from OTAs, CMS, ezBooking or OneInventory

2. Create date:  is the booking daten. Slect starting date : “Create date” and finished date : “to

3. Arrival  is the check in date. Select starting date : “Arrival” and finish date : “to

guide to check reservation information

1. booking status showed by color of the booking status on the room chart ,beside it also include information about room type, room name…

2. View booking reservation  ChứaInclude all information about booking ID on CMS< OTAS, ezBooking, One inventory , time of reservation, name of guess, check in, check out, note… n

3. Room detail: Click on the arrow to move to the reservation details interface


2. seach in the searching bar

  • If you only need to search for 1 booking detail, you can search from searching bar> select room> that room detail will appear






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