Service Management

The hotel can add, edit, delete the service as desired

Note: Only the owner or the manager account can do this

To the service configuration

Select the 3-tile icon  > select configuration>select Service

The service management is the following:

  • Extra service: The type of business that the hotel has sold to customers. The hotel can customize the name of the service for appropriate.
  • Services: It’s a subset of services. Used to divide into small groups to find and manage. You can be adding the name of the services.
  • Service: The products are used in the services, details such as the following:

 Service management

1. Adding service

Select in that service > services > add service

Additional service is the following:

Add the name of service, Rate, Unit, Code, tick/un-tick rate

Amout of minimum: Warning in the ” warehouse report” amount of less than amount of minimum

Warehouse management: the service will exclude the quantity when used to output the inventory number

Without to added invoices: the service will not be in room service as sale counter when tick to choose

When you finish > Save

2. Editing service

Select in that service > services > select modify service > appear service details

The hotel can re-edit name of service, rate, Unit, Code, tick/un-tick rate, amount of minimum, fill warehouse manage, without to add invoice > Save

3. Deleting service

Only done when the service hasn’t been used.

Select in that service > services > select delete service > select > Delete service > Ok

4. Stopping service

When that service has been used & can not be deleted however the hotel wants to show up in booking detail & sale management.

Select in that service > services .> Select deactivate service > select > select deactivate > Ok


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