Update and remove stop sell

ezCMS update and remove stop sell for each channel, each room type or on all OTA, All room type in many range of date at the same time

Stop sell

  • Click Channel manager > Select Update rate

  • fill User Name  and Password > Click Sign in

  • at  ezCMS interface, click Instant > Select Bulk Update

  • Select Stop Sell > Select Roomtype and OTA > click Next

  • Enter date range or if you have many range Add date range > Click Next

  • Click date >Click Finish to finish

Note: If stopsell for the whole week, click on Monday and select symbol to copy for others. remove  Click for any day which still want to sell


Remove stop sell

  • Similar to stop sell actions, at the last step select Remove Stop Sell in stead of



  • After finish a TRUE announcment will appear if success. a FALSE appear if undate fail
  •  It takes  minute to update on OTAs.
  • Update or remove stop sell on ezCMS is stop rate plan. if these rate plan have not conect with ezCMS hte manipulation below can not be updated.You need to log in OTA extranet to close these rate plans
  • To check if this room update stop sell or not, log in Rates to check. the yellow color men stopped. White color mean still sell


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