Update Hotel Owner Information

Update hotel owner information to change ownership

Following these steps:

1.  The configuration

  • Select the 3-tile icon > Select configuration > Select contact information


2. The information is subject to change


  • Name of hotel owner: If there is a change to the name of the hotel owner, you fill new or save
  • Email of hotel owner: This email is the sign-in account  of the hotel owner… Operation as follows: click in pencil last email > The software will display the pop-up > The hotel sign-in the current password, the new email > Select save

  • The hotel phone number: The hotel input new phone number or change and save

3. The information can’t change

This happens when the hotel doesn’t remember the hotel password, unable to sign-in the hotel registration email to reinstall the password. The hotel then requires the following procedures to retrieve or modify the information.

  • Business license (Notarized copy)
  • Identification of the hotel’s responsible person such as ID card/CCCD or passport (notarized copy) and only accepted for: the person named in the business license or the name in the contract signed with ezCloud.
  • The proposal to provide the hotel’s stamp software.

All of these document must be printed has copies, which are full of regulatory and express legal to the address:

ezCloud Global Technology CO., LTD.

Address: 266 Doi Can, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi

Recipients: Customer support department

Contact to: Nguyen Hoang Long, 0359014456







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