Group check-in

1. Find group bookings

For group bookings, usually booked in advance to perform the group check-in, the hotel needs to find exactly which group is placing it for check-in.

ezCloud guide the ways to find a group booking as quickly as follows:

Find group bookings in group relations
  • Select goup  > Select group booked

  • The software show the search screen, the hotel can search the group booked the following information:
    • Reservation code: Allows to find the most accurate (needs to fill the booking code and untick will arrive)
    • Check-in date: Can be searched from date to day
    • Group creation date: Can be searched from date to day

After entering some of the above fields, the hotel selects SEARCH > Select 3-dot icon  > select group Details

Find a group booking from timeline chart

Select view to the timeline chart > find right a group to manipulation > click on any room in the group > Select group details

2. Group check-in

After entering the group details screen

  • Check-in for some rooms in the group

Select tick before number of room > Select Check-in

  • Group check-in

Select tick before group list booking > select check-in

After completing the above steps, the software will show the pop-up confirmation > Select OK to complete

Below is the interface of the group booking after completing the whole group check-in


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