Group reservation

The reservation of group for guests check-in in the future will assist the hotel with easy management of the availability, an arrangement of the room,  save the information, notes for that group.

1. Choosing amount of room for group

  • Log in the system > select Group > select New group

To fill need to be group book > select Search

The sofware will display amount of room available straight sectors (the room can be booked without having to switch rooms) > Select amount of each room types to set >  Select Next

2. Filling group information

The hotel fills to information for note and display group booking on the diagram:

+ Guest name: Will be displayed on the diagram for the whole that group bookings

+ Phone number

+ National

+ Notes group

+ Company

+ Source

+ Market

The select to Next

3. Filling the payment information

  • For guests who have a pre-payment, the hotel needs to fill payment for the group to avoid the payment/shortage of the room when the group check out. The information to fill:

+ Payment method

+ Total payment: To fill the amount of money guest payment before

+ Select currency

+ Notes payment

Then select to add payment

The software will dispay the pop-up to confirm > select OK to complete

The hotel select Finish to complete booking

If a guest without payment before, the hotel will select skip a payment to complete a booking

4. Assign room to group

After following at steps, the software will be displayed detail group booking in the screen

Assigning room for group to display the booking group on the diagram: Select All rooms > Select Assign Room, then the software will automatically select the available rooms on the diagram to assign room number to the group

Also the hotel successfully created a complete group booking and wil be displayed in the time diagram.


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