Guess check-in

Check-in for guests arriving at the hotel now will assist the hotel with easy management of the availability, arrangement of the room, save the information, notes for the reservation

Check-in now

Choosing the room

  • Login> select Walk-in > fill the timeline > select search

  • Select room need to be book > select room


Filling guests information

  • Fill information for guests: Guest name, nationally,  phone number, Email

  •  Editing rate or rate types for booking

  • The hotel can add payment in case guests have prepayment according to the following information :
    + Payment method
    + Currency
    + Total Prepaid Amount
    + Note for that payment (optional)
    Then select Payment


Completing the check- in

After you have filled the necessary information for booking following the steps above, The hotel selects the Check-in to complete check-in.

Below is booking interface after tick choosing check-in

Guests check-in previously booked

This is the case guests have booked and have made booking, the hotel should to find the correct booking for check-in. For more detail click  Tìm đặt phòng

After choose booked, the hotel into room detail l booked, select Check-in

For bookings on the time diagram > Select Booking > select quick Check-in





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