Guess reservation

The reservation of group for guests check-in in the future will assist the hotel with easy management of the availability, an arrangement of the room, save the information, notes for that booking..

1. Choosing the room

  • Log in the system > select walk-in > fill the timeline > select Search

Select room need to be book > select room

2. Filling guests information

  • Fill information for guests: Guest name, national, phone number, email

Editing rate or rate types for booking

  • The hotel can add payment in case guests have pre-payment according to the following information

+ Payment methods

+  Currency

+ Total pre-payment amount

+ Notes for that payment

Then select the symboy Payment

3. Completing the booking operation

After then filled the information for booking following these steps, the hotel chooses reserve to complete the booking operation.

Here is the reservation display after the select to reserve


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