Import Item

When the supplier deliver, buyer department will fill the information in the system and double check  .

1. Create import item note

  • log in Stock Management > Purchasing > Import item > select the symbol

Select supplier, deliver >Import Date > payment method > import Items, warehouse, Quantity, price > select to add item > Save to finish


Beside you can choose FIND IMPORT ITEMS/ORDER ITEMS  to import the item which informed or ordered

The below picture shows the interface after finishing

Explain: Payment method

debit: have not pay for the supplier yet

Pay now: there are 2 method cash or deposit

when you select debit payment method, a paid receipt will be auto created ” pay debt

Selecting Pay now method, an expenditure note will be created, in Expenditure and Revenue, pay by bank transfer, the system will create   “non cash expenditure note


  1. Reference is the expenditure note code in the expenditure and revenue
  2. When selecting the method pay now, if you do not want to display expenditure note on Shift handover  remove tick on Display on Shift handover”

An import stocknote will appear when import item
  • At the import Item interface, click on import stock note to view the details

2. Edit import item note

  • At the import item interface, click on the import stocknote which want to modify> edit information> Save

3. Print Import item note

  • at the import item interface> select the symbol  to print

4. Delete the import stock note

  • At the import stock  interface, click > enter the reason> Ok

The below picture show the interface after deleting
















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