Inventory slip

Create check stock note to check the different in balance of inventory on the system and in reality .

Create check stock note


  • If there are any difference when checking, the system will automatic create Import and export stock to balance the inventory
  • If we click Solve, we can not edit so if you are not sure about the check stock note, please select Save
  • The system will auto solve the difference on this day if there are the difference.

 1st step: log in Stock management > Warehouse > Check stock > select symbol 

 2nd step: Fill purpose > Check to date and check date > enter Items, Quantity and unit and reason > select  to add material > Conclusion> participant> name> position>representative > to add participant > Solve to finish

The blow picture show the interface when complete

Edit unresolved check stock

  • At the check stock interface, click in the check stock which want to edit

Modify information > Edit or solve to finish

Print check stock note

  • at the check stock interface,select the symbol  to print

Delete check stocknote

  • At the check stock interface, select the symbol  > Enter the reason > OK 

The below picture shows the interface after completing









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