Order stock

When receiving the inform item note, you will carry out Order item

1. Create Order item note

There are 2 method

1st method
  • Log in  Stock management > Purchasing > Order item >  Select the symbol to create

select Buyer > Status > enter Items, unit, supplier, suggested quantity, price, total money, selectto add more needed item > Save to finish

Beside, if you would like to add the item from created inform stock note, select Find Import Items > select date range>select item> Save

The below picture shows the interface after finish creating order item note

2nd method:
  • log in Stock management > purchasing > Inform item > find and Create bill of order item

In add order item interface, select supplier and Save to finish

2. Edit order Item

  • At the order item interface, click the note which want to be edited> modify information> Save

3. Print the order item

  • At the order item interface , select the symbol  to print

4. Delete the order item note

  • select the symbol  > Enter the reason > Ok

The below picture show the interface after finishing















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