Payment help to monitor the supplier debt to process pay the debt .

Create payment note

  • Log in  Stock management > Select Purchasing  > select  Pay > select the symbol  in  Supplier who will be paid


  • Select payment method >  Enter Amount  > Click  Pay  to finish

  • Explain:

+ You can pay a part of debt if you do not want to pay all by enter the amount of money you want to pay

+ There are 2 payment method: Cash Credit.

+ When paying by cash, a cash expenditure note will by created  in expenditure and revenue.

+When paying by credit, a credit expenditure note will be created in Cashiering

+ Remove tick in Display shift handover if you do not want to show on shift handover


To review, log in Cashiering > Cash transaction  or  Non cash transaction > Create voucher > select start date and end date > Payment  > Search >select the symbol    if you want to print



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