Tax function charges to clearly separate the customer should pay taxes, the hotel fee displays details on the bill of payments.

Bookings made after configuration will be charged the default tax charge

Only the ownwer, the manager hotel can do this.

1. To the list of tax/fee configuration

Select the 3-tile  > Select configuation > Select Tax/Fee

2. Configure the type of tax/fee

     Add new

  • Hotel select the symboy to add


The software displays a pop-up tax/fee, the hotel needs to fill the following information ( tax/fees changes without applicate for bookings in use)

+Tax/fee name: Will be displayed on the invoice for guests.
+  Description: Will be displayed at the bottom invoice
+ Apply by %

After then select Save

After then to add the type of taxes/fees, the software display like that:

    Edit tax/fee

  • Select tax to edit > Select Detail

The software displays a pop-up tax/fee, The hotel to fill the information to change > select Save (This change without affected by previously applied bookings)


     Delete tax/fee

  • Select tax/fee to delete > Select Delete

  • The software displays a pop-up to confirmation, The hotel choosing delete to complete (This change without affected by previously applied bookings)

3. Settings tax/fee formula

Hotels hold the mouse, drag and drop taxes/fees down the diagram to apply for room, fee service (before/after discount) or on the total bill then seclect Save

The taxes/fees counting after fee service

  • If you want to remove tax charges from the diagram, the hotel only clicks on the tax and select X

Note: Automatically apply taxes/fees on new bookings (not applicable for automatic bookings from ezCMS, ezBE, One Inventory)

Tick to apply automatically, skip to the manual entry for each booking










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