Update to do list for reservation

To do list help the hotel to set up announcement to remind themselves or other staffs all list to do for customer or the hotel.

 Guide to set up

  • Log in the account>> choose symbol beside language symbol or   in room detail to check and add the new to do list

  • Choose symbol ADD to add the new to- do- list

  • Choose Room to set up to- do -list> Choose Complete date > Choose Staff > Chọose Manipulation > Fill Content to do list > Chọose Add 


  • Room  is Booked or Check in room. To do list for check out room can not be set up. If this is general announcement or to do list, you do not need to choose Room.
  • Complete date  is the due date to finish  
  • Staff is the people carry out it.  the set up person can tag themselves or other staff.
  • Manipulation   mean this list need to be done when room is Book , Check in, Check out, Other…


  1. To do list appear in date, week, month, the start date is the date which be chose in calendar
  2. To find To do list for a staff> Choose this staff account
  3. To find to do list for a particular room, Fill room code and  Find by room code
  4. To find to do list for a manipulation >Select room statuses in the Actions section
  5. To do list which has been checked in the box that is completed, unchecked is not completed








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